report a complaint

We aim to provide a good quality service, but even in the best run organisations, things can go wrong. To deal with this fairly, we have a set procedure for people to follow if you have a complaint or grievance.

When can you appeal?

In general, you cannot appeal against our policies but you can complain if you feel we have operated unfairly in your case.

If you are an applicant for housing who has been referred or nominated to us, you can use this procedure if you believe

  • we unfairly refused to house you
  • we offered you an unsuitable home and were not prepared to make another offer
  • our staff treated you unfairly

If you are a tenant or leaseholder you can appeal if you believe

  • staff have treated you unfairly (for example, when dealing with a neighbour dispute, or taking action on rent or service charge arrears)
  • staff failed to respond to a complaint
  • you have a complaint about one of our contractors or agents
  • we have graded your transfer application wrongly, or have acted unfairly in offering to move you
  • we have not dealt with your repairs properly

How to complain

You may complain by post, telephone or email. If you telephone, we will record your call but you may be asked to put your complaint in writing. If you wish, you may download a copy of our Complaints Procedure here. A Complaints Form is also available to download here or you may request a paper copy or ask for one to be emailed.